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Leverage Your Finances: 3 Strategies to Build Generational Wealth

 “I want to be a millionaire!” This is a statement that transcends race, culture, gender and age. However, the question is, “Are you willing to use the proven strategies to have that millionaire status?” The amazingly fabulous thing about it is, it is within your reach. Here, I share 3 proven strategies to help you build generational wealth and get you on the road to become a millionaire within one year!

For almost ten years, I have studied entrepreneurial women who participated in my “Females are Fabulous Empowerment Conference” who have become millionaires. These women are no different than you and I, except they created a plan and followed it. Now, I have created three strategies that have me on track to be a millionaire in 2022. My goal is to bring 1000 women with me. All may not make it in 2022 with me, but those that do will be provided a platform to share their journey with others. We will bring in 2023 as millionaires in New York City! Here are the three strategies.


Before you can accomplish any goal, you must name it by declaring it in your mind every day and work on the plan through certain tasks to achieve it. When I first became an entrepreneur over 42 years ago, I learned the importance of positive affirmations. Zig Zigler was the first motivational speaker I heard when I was in training to sell educational books door-to-door. Through him and his books, I learned to declare the level of success I wanted to achieve each day, week, month and summer by writing down my goals, reviewing them daily and focusing on them as I went to strangers' houses to sell these educational books. The words of the poem, “Don’t Quit” still resonate in my head today. It has helped me continue to work and stay focused on my goals.

I realized it is the little things that you must do, like decide in your mind that you are a millionaire (name it), then become laser-focused on becoming a millionaire with a proven plan (claim it), to reach millionaire status. You must also be clear about your purpose and have a philanthropic component to it. Building generational wealth is the goal as I become a millionaire, but empowering 1000 other women with the three proven strategies is the philanthropic component. All the millionaire women entrepreneurs I have been privileged to know have successfully done that and now, as an award-winning philanthropist, I am embarking on this same journey by sharing my three strategies to building generational wealth. The second strategy is to focus on your personal finances.


This old saying is crucial when it comes to building general wealth. You must make sure your personal finances are right before you leverage your finances into millionaire status. As my ex-bookfield friend and entrepreneur, Tracy Oriyomi, Founder of Women in the Black states, “Too many women's finances are in the red!” She teaches women how to manage their personal finances. Personal finances include your budget, savings, insurance, and long term financial planning. also includes all the aforementioned and “any other elements of your financial life.” It starts with creating a budget. Write down your financial goals, establish or stick to a household budget, and include family members so everyone is on the same page, Include savings for emergencies, children’s college or extended learning programs, and your future (ie retirement). Also, include tithes and/or philanthropic contributions in your budget, remember, we all give, now you are strategic with your giving. I write my monthly income and expenses in a notebook, pay my bills out of a designated checking account online and keep accurate records through this process. Protect your children and your wealth with life insurance and annuities as part of your long term financial goals. Remember, your personal finances are the foundation to building generational wealth. 


Every year for over 20 years, I begin each new year with a slogan. This year it came to me early. It is “Leverage is what I will do in 2022!” Leverage is defined as the power to influence people, events or things.” Although I am a certified and experienced influencer,  bringing businesswomen together to develop programs, events and charters to organizations, the way I refer to leverage for 2022 is using the power of influence with business women to help them leverage their finances in business to create multiple streams of income. Then, provide them a platform to share their journey to success with youth and other millionaires in the making. 

 When leveraging finances, Investopedia describes it as “the use of debt (borrowed capital) in order to undertake an investment or project.” Although I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, I never pursued a career as an economist, I chose to pursue my gift as a sales and marketing profession and my passion as an educator and philanthropist. The way I have utilized my economics degree has been to leverage my finances. When you leverage your finances, you use other people’s money to earn money. Whether you use their money through business credit, net 30 accounts or other means. When you create generational wealth, you learn how to build several revenue streams that provide residual income with these funds. This is what leverage is all about.

Learn how to implement these strategies, tools and techniques of leveraging your finances  to build generational wealth by registering at, connecting with me at or setting up a 15 minute consult at


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