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Disruptors Magazine Feature: Top 30 Inspiring Women to Look out for in 2022!

It with my deepest honor that I am among the TOP 30 Inspiring Women  to Look out for in 2022! Please check out the article!
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Leverage Your Finances: 3 Strategies to Build Generational Wealth

  “I want to be a millionaire!” This is a statement that transcends race, culture, gender and age. However, the question is, “Are you willing to use the proven strategies to have that millionaire status?” The amazingly fabulous thing about it is, it is within your reach. Here, I share 3 proven strategies to help you build generational wealth and get you on the road to become a millionaire within one year! For almost ten years, I have studied entrepreneurial women who participated in my “Females are Fabulous Empowerment Conference” who have become millionaires. These women are no different than you and I, except they created a plan and followed it. Now, I have created three strategies that have me on track to be a millionaire in 2022. My goal is to bring 1000 women with me. All may not make it in 2022 with me, but those that do will be provided a platform to share their journey with others. We will bring in 2023 as millionaires in New York City! Here are the three strategies. NAME IT AN

Charity's Heart- Courageous Conversations with Dr. Joann Ajayi-Scott

Relationships: 5 C's to Building Successful Ones in Business and Life!

I took great pride in having friends and relationships since I was five years old. Over the past few years, I realized that all relationships are not worth cherishing. However, those that are worth it requires five major components for success: commitment, communication, compromise and consistency! The fifth task is specific to personal relationships...companionship. The Importance of Commitment It is up to you how you prioritize these tasks, but commitment is number in my experience. When commitment is prioritized by both parties, a vested interest, the relationships will survive basic human idiosyncrasies, little things that a person does that you do not like will irritate you, but it will not be a deciding factor to the longevity of your relationship. Your love and desire to be with that person in a personal relationship will survive their irritating or annoying behavior(s). Your business success will be stronger than these behaviors in your business relationship. The Impact o

3 Ways to LEVERAGE Your Business...One Speech at a Time!

  Have you noticed that you are always giving advice? When someone is asked to speak on a topic or conversation, do you readily volunteer? Or are you an introvert, but still need to market and promote your business? Finally, are you already speaking in front of groups but would like to go to the next level and MONETIZE it? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this topic is for YOU! As an iconic entrepreneur who has been a public speaker for over 35 years, I have spoken in many different platforms. From those speeches, I have had people write, text, and email me about the impact I made on their life a few days to a few years later! Share Your Journey with Our Future Just share. Dr. Martin Luther King stated, "Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability but comes through continuous struggle". As a speaker, our struggles are the reason we share our story. As CEO and Founder of Essence of a Lady focuses on recruiting women professionals and

3 Ways to Leverage Your Life (and Business) as a Philanthropist

Dedicate some time, lend an ear, and offer nonjudgmental advice...that's what mentoring is all about. Whether we are an adult or a child, all of us can benefit from mentoring. Today, I will share three ways you can become a philanthropist and how it can help leverage your life and business. As a woman entrepreneur for over 40 years, I have experienced success on a level that most may never experience. I have won trips, earned six-figure income, traveled around the country, celebrated with family and friends, and purchased (or given) most of my wants and desires. However, my greatest joy has come from helping others by becoming a philanthropist and giving back to women and girls! Advocate for What You are Passionate About When you are passion about what you do, you will do what you love for FREE! You will do it every day, even on your worst days! I never realized how passionate I was about supporting women and girls until I was told in "a matter of a fact” way by my

Speak UP! 4 Ways to LEVERAGE Your Cause as a Public Speaker

As the old saying goes, “IF IT HAS TO BE, ITS UP TO ME!!” Whether you are speaking to one person or a thousand people, your message should resonate volumes when it relates to promoting your cause. People listening to you should be able to feel your passion and conviction each time you open your mouth. When one looks back on influencers of the world, such as Mahma Gandi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, even Steve Jobs, the pivotal point in each of their lives were when they made a conscious decision to speak globally about a cause they were very passionate about, even willing to die for. We, as entrepreneurs must exemplify that same passion for our cause. You may say, "but I don't have a cause, I run a business!" Well, let's explore how your business represents your cause, how you can LEVERAGE your business through cause marketing, and how speaking can catapult your business to the NEXT LEVEL! Your Business Represents Your Cause As the Emc